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Spartacus: Gods of the Arena serves as a prequel to the hit epic and premieres January, 2011…”You have your orders chief now get crackin'” When our lead protagonist Andy Whitfield the “Disputed” champion of Capua was stricken with a treatable form of non-Hodgkin Lymphoma we First thought “DEAR GOD!!! Our hearts go out to the fans of that show who are broken up over this travesty!!” No, I’m kidding we first thought, “Great now the show is gonna be called “Crixus: Blood and Sand” OK, I’m kidding again, it was a shame that such a strapping young lad was struck with such a fucken terrible illness and it goes to show that regardless of physique cancer can touch anyone.

Now we have our prequel to the rising of the Ludus at the House of Batiatus. Something to give us starving dogs a bone, hell it gave me a bone, but the metaphor works best when combined with us starving for a nibble of Spartacus and gave us a full fledged piping hot meal in the form of Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

Andy Whitfield stopped by comic con, this past week and graced us with some good news;

To all of you incredibly generous human beings, who have supported, cared and collectively shared your stories, well wishes and inspiring words, all of which have had a profound and moving impact on me. Your time, energy and compassion have been the lift needed to glide over some of the bumpy terrain of the last few months. Thank you.

I am now training again and hungry to reunite with the fantastic cast and crew.

After this unexpected challenge but truly rewarding chapter, I have emerged feeling stronger, with a greater focus, commitment and passion and even more profound love of my family and friends.

I am very grateful for the extraordinary journey that was Season 1 and now after my own personal shake up, am even more determined and passionately committed to having Season 2 be very special indeed.

Thank you all again for your ongoing support. Andy Whitfield


Spartacus: Gods of the Arena focuses on the House of Batiatus, in the days before Spartacus arrived. Hannah’s Batiatus is not yet the head of the family, or the ludus. Gannicus is the undisputed lead gladiator in the Ludus, but in the class-conscious world of ancient Capua, the House of Batiatus still hasn’t earned the respect of local society, or the right for its gladiators to fight in the championship bouts. Gannicus must survive the arena to not only keep his place in the ludus but also rise to become the champion in all of Capua.

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