Chris Evans In Captain America Costume!!!


OK, bastards. So, this past Saturday, at Comic-Con a panel  for both “Thor” and “Captain America: The First Avenger” was held. Fans were privileged with a shit ton of ‘Thor’ footage , and while we could certainly nerd out about that (The Destroyer was kick-ass) the more important revelation came in the few scenes of Captain America. After a few snippets which featured narration about the story background fans we surprised with their first look at Chris Evans in costume as Captain America. Some sneaky bastards (not us. Please Marvel don’t sue us) in attendance snapped a still of the epic moment on their cell phone (pictured above). Before y’all start going crazy at how ridiculously goofy he looks in that helmet you should know that after the teaser footage was shown director Joe Johnston, and the film’s cast such as Evans and Hugo Weaving then joined Marvel Production President Kevin Feige on the stage. They answered some questions from fans and the producer took a chance to explain that Captain America suit seen in the footage was just a “test version of the suit.” What does that mean? Well, they have only been filming for 5 days and Evans has yet to wear the official costume. This really was just test footage of a test costume. Though, it should be noted that there will be several incarnations of his costume throughout the movie. The final suit not being seen until the third act of the film. Now, that’s all well and good, but based off this “test” Chris looks like a 12 year old wearing a Captain America mask. I don’t think any incarnation of the suit can avoid that.

Click after the jump for a larger view of the leaked photo and feel free to tell us what you think of the costume, and or Chris Evans as Cap.

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