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Wednesday is here and with the release of our 17th podcast episode comes the ever-popular question of the week! Question of the week is a question we ask you, our readers and listeners, and you answer it by either commenting to this post, or telling us your answer on facebook or twitter (@nerdbastards)! We choose the best answer on the Podcast and the winner will receive a prize if we have one available. (And this week we do, so ANSWER!) You will also see your answer written here on the weekly question post.  Last week we did not have a question, so we move right along to the new one.

This week’s question is: What video game babe would be the best to have a one night stand with and why?

In example: Birdo From Mario Bros. Would Make A Great One Night Stand, Because of That Beak. She’d Suck Your Pipe So Hard She’d Bring You To The Next Level. Gotta Watch Out For The Eggs Though.

The prize for this week’s winner is a copy of God Of War 3 for the PS3, so get those submissions in!


Memba winners are announced on next weeks podcast and NQTW post. So, check back then to see if you’ve won.

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