Irish Teen Burns Down His School As The Joker


Christopher Clancy, a 19 year old kid from Ireland, decided he was going to have some payback.  What did he do?  He set his high school on fire while dressed as The Joker.  (The Joker inspired by the Christopher Nolan film, not the Tim Burton ones.)  And why not?  Anarchy and Mayhem are two entirely appropriate ways of debuting your teen angst!  Oh.. they’re not?  Well then, uhh…bad Christopher Clancy!  Bad!

To start the fun, he had purchased 100 liters of gas from a nearby station, then cut his way through a wire fence around the school and to finish up with a blaze of glory, he set fire to the building and caused over a million dollars worth of damages.  All of this while dressed as The Joker.  He was 17 when it happened and is now 19, still planning on going to college.  Ah, youth!

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