Green Lantern — Star Pervert!


Over at, the inimitable Seanbaby has struck gold once again with “Man Comics Presents: Green Lantern: Star Pervert.” The fine art of repurposing old comics with new dialogue can be abused in the hands of lesser creatures, but this will make you soil yourself laughing–especially if you’ve downed some Taco Bell ahead of time.

The old-school version of Hal Jordan just screams for this kind of thing. You’ll be served up some autoerotic asphyxia, alien genitalia humor, and general superdickery from Hal “My favorite flavor of Tang is poon” Jordan.

I mean, where else are you going to read sentences like “209 counts of dong blasting against peaceful sentients!”?

Aside from your WonderTwins slashfic, I mean.


(via Cracked)

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