Rumor: Adrien Brody In Talks For Dr Strange?


Not long ago it was rumored that Adrien Brody was in talks to play ANT-MAN for the upcoming Marvel ultimate superhero movie, THE AVENGERS, but that turned out to be untrue. however claimed to have learned that it wasn’t ANT-MAN that Brody was after, it was DR. STRANGE.

A source of ours is telling us that Adrien Brody is very close to signing a deal with Marvel that could see him playing either Ant-Man or Dr. Strange. Now, this isn’t the first time that we’ve heard his name and Ant-Man’s in the same sentence. Other sites have reported that before. What we’re being told is that we might hear an announcement about one of these characters soon. Stay tuned.

Adrien Brody as Dr. Strange? Ya, that makes sense. No, really. That’s actually a good idea. Not only does he look the part, but he’s got the chops to bring some character to a rather dull and second rate hero in the Marvel Universe.

The info on this rumor is a bit sketchy.  So, will have to take it with a grain of salt. Though, we do know that Marvel hired screenwriting team Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to write DR. STRANGE. Donnelly and Oppenheimer penned the upcoming CONAN reboot and the game-based movie UNCHARTED: DRAKE’S FORTUNE which is in development and they also wrote a draft for COWBOYS & ALIENS which is currently in production. So, we do know a film is in the works. Regardless of a script being in motion it’s unlikely that an actor would be a chosen before they have a director on board.

What you you all think about Adrien Brody possibly taking on the role of Dr. Strange?

Oh, for those of you who don’t read comics here is the WIKI info on the “Sorcerer Supreme”
“Stephen Strange is a world-renowned but selfish neurosurgeon, until a car accident damaged his hands, preventing him from conducting surgery. Depressed and scouring the world for a cure to his condition, Strange locates a hermit called the Ancient One in the Himalayas. After Strange selflessly attempts to thwart the Ancient One’s traitorous disciple, Baron Mordo (who would become one of Stange’s most enduring antagonists), he is taught the mystic arts.
As the Ancient One’s disciple, Strange encounters the entity Nightmare[48] and a number of odd mystical foes, before battling his eventual arch-foe: Dormammu, a warlord from an alternate dimension called the “Dark Dimension”. Strange is also aided by a nameless girl, who is eventually revealed to be the niece of the villain and called Clea. When Strange helps a weakened Dormammu drive off the rampaging beasts the Mindless Ones and return them to their prison, he is allowed to leave unchallenged.
Doctor Strange is a master magician, and was the holder of the title of “Sorcerer Supreme” of the Marvel Universe for many years. Eternity, the sentience of the Marvel Universe, has described Strange as “more powerful by far than any of your fellow humanoids”.”

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