Inception Characters Don’t Understand Inception


If you were like me after seeing Christopher Nolan’s Inception, you first thought to yourself “When the hell is Ellen Page going to do a nude scene?”. You then went through process of thinking about the complicated plot. Trying to connect the movie to itself. You get it, but you don’t really get it . A dream within a dream…or something like that. If Inception was too complicated and confusing for ya? Why don’t you just ask the character from INCEPTION themselves? O wait, they don’t even know what the hell is going on. College Humor has taken advantage of this situation and created an Inception spoof that has the very characters bring to light some of these questions in a scene from the film.

Inception is the movie of the summer, that has moviegoers trying to comprehend the complexities of Nolan’s dreamworld. How do the characters seem to understand all the rules that it took us two and a half hours to learn so fast? Is it because in movies, time moves at an accelerated rate and because they’re dreaming in the movie, time moves even faster? It’s a dream within a dream within an incomprehensible clusterf*ck. Within a dream.

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