The great folks over at io9 got to talk to the Robot Chicken guys, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. The interview was pretty much about the two Star Wars project they are working on. The third Robot Chicken Star Wars special is being worked on at the moment and they explained how this special will have more of a linear story than the other two. Green explained how we will still have random jokes and skits but there will be a core story throughout the episode.

While they didn’t talk much about the new Star Wars series and mention how it won’t be till 2 years when we do hear more about it, Green reassured that he won’t fuck it up and will not abuse the trust with the audience and fans. After that, they were asked if they see Family Guy’s Star Wars as competition. Green answered no and went on to say that both shows third special will have the same joke, but told differently. Senreich added in how MacFarlane likes to work with them and will be in the third special and say that they all have a special bond.

With all that, any of you Robot Chicken fans excited for the third Star Wars special? I know I’ll be watching both Star Wars special just to see what joke was shared. Also, are you excited for the new Star Wars series and the potential it has? Check after the break for two interview clips of the Robot Chicken guys.

Source: io9

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