Brothers Dancing Like Fools To Sailor Moon & Other Anime Theme Songs


As a kid, I would wake up 5 in the morning to watch Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z on UPN just because it was the hardcore thing to do when I was 9. So maybe I can sing the whole Sailor Moon dub theme song and had a crush on Amy (you know, Sailor Mercury) but these guys… I think these guys like the song a bit more than I do. It seems that once the music gets going, they bash around, holding their crotch, and find things to…thrust their hips on to (yeah, humping things) . Who ever thought of this is a genius since it’s catching on and while I find it amusing, it’s utterly stupid.

Down below is the Sailor Moon vid and after the jump, you can check out these fools dancing to the Digimon Digi-rap, Shaman King theme, and the CardCaptors theme.

Source: Comics Alliance, FoolyCooly1 YouTube Page

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