Being the fat nerd that I am, I love to play video games. Also, being the fat male that I am, I love to drink beer. So finding out that the Gamerator exist, I of course want it and will like anyone to donate about $4000 (to cover shipping as well) to me just to have such a machine. The Gamerator is an arcade cabinet that ships with 85 games initially (which includes the three Mortal Kombat games, Bubble Bobble, Contra, etc.) with the ability to add more game and a subscription to Gametap (yeah, it still exist).

Now that’s not all the cabinet has, it even has the ability to store and cool a pony keg inside the damn thing. Yes folks, this is two awesome things in one. The only way they can make this better for me is that if they added a built in DDR dance pad to it…what? I’m half Asian, so of course I love DDR.

Source: Topless Robot, Gamerator Website

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