A Marvel Pedicure: Ladies, Take a Hint


My girlfriend gets her nails done every couple of weeks and when she gets home she shoves her hands in my face and says, “Look! they’re pink, just for you.” And I say, “They look great. I love them.” When deep down inside I’m actually thinking, who really gives a shit? So I’m surfing the net, big surprise there, and I come across this picture. I think to myself, who would waste their time doing this, but, I also think, sweet, why can’t my girlfriend do something like this? Now that is something I would be excited to see! So to all you chicks out there-don’t show us guys your damn nails unless they look something like this, otherwise, don’t bother because we just don’t give a shit…

Larger Pic after the jump…

Source: Geekoloogie


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