With the August 13 release date of “Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World” just more than a week away, Universal Pictures has just pulled one last minute, genius marketing tactic out of their ass. We really don’t go out of our way to feature marketing promos here, but this newly released interactive trailer is, dare I say, EPIC. SPvtW the interactive trailer, combines a retro gaming aesthetic with an achievement-oriented fact-unlocking click quest. It is even structured like a game, giving you points for every feature you click on. It’s loaded with behind-the-scenes videos, audio commentary by co-writer/director Edgar Wright, comic-book comparisons, trailer soundtrack info, and an assortment of other cool tidbits and easter eggs.

I gotta say I am very impressed by the i-trailer concept and its application here. This is one marketing trend I could get behind.

Check it out after the jump and tell us what you think.

Scott Pilgrim vs the World hits theaters on August 13, 2010.

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