Three Green Lantern Movies In Three Years


With the first Green Lantern still in production and pretty much a year before we see it in theaters, there are talks already to film the second film right after the first one, with the third movie will start shooting based on how successful the first one will do. While Martin Campbell (Edge of Darkness, GoldenEye) has confirmed the possibility of a trilogy, it seems Warner Bros. is confident that the film will do well and wants the money in their hands as soon as they can.

Does this news bother any of y’all? Personally, I think it’s a bit much but if the first one does well and gains many fans, I’m sure there will be enough demand for the second and third film to be released soon. Also, I’m sure some you that likes conspiracy will probably believe this is DC’s way to further delay Marvel’s Deadpool movie.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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