Green Lantern’s Kilowog Revealed

Green Lantern Kilowog

Hey Bastards, guess what? Warner Bros. upcoming Green Lantern film has just recently wrapped principle photography in New Orleans. As the cast and crew celebrate with hookers and cupcakes (I’m guessing) what does that mean for us? Well, nothing. It just means after the hookers and cupcakes (Dude, I so have to host one of those parties) the director and crew will now return to Los Angeles to start the the long post production process.Yep, that’s it.

What? Is that news not exciting enough for you? Fine. Here’s a first look at Kilowog.

What the fuck is a Kilowog? Well, in short he’s a big brute of an alien that is member and trainer of the Green Lantern Corps. (league of alien races that each wear a magical ring and defend the universe, an intergalactic police force…or something). He also likes hookers and cupcakes…and puppies (I may have made that part up). According to Comic Book Movie the image above comes straight from the art department. You may remember some concept art for the character popping up online earlier this year, but it appears that he’s undergone a few changes since. His skin, which appeared gray in the first image, now actually has some hue and the shape of his mouth has changed considerably. Upon further inspection I can for say certain that he has an uncanny resemblance to this bizarre growth I have on my left testicle (I should get that checked out). The tumor on my nut not withstanding it should be no surprise that Kilowog is and will be %100 CGI. And, from what we the hear the same goes for the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. To what degree will Kilowog and other members of the corps. have in the movie? I have no idea. If I were to guess, there will probably be some scene ala “Men in Black” wear Hal Jordan (The Green Lantern) is taken to the Green Lantern Corps head quarters and we seem him pass all the goofy looking aliens. Of course, in the comics Kilowog did train a young Hal Jordon. So, he could have a pretty prominent role. Will know more in time.

For now have a full look at my ballsack cancer Kilowog after the jump. Along with the concept art, as well as a look at the character as he was drawn in the comics.

source: comicbookmovie

Green Lantern Kilowog



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