It’s not often that I try to force-feed design aesthetics to you distinguished readers, but I figured that since Batman is involved, you’ll forgive me this once for not posting about breasts or how Twilight sucks.

Remember the live-action “Batman” tv show of the 60s? Remember those fabulous “POW” and “ZOINKS” screen slides that popped up during the ass-kicking scenes of the Adam West campathon? World Famous Design Junkies, with the help of friends, has collected what seems to be all of them.

Being a design blog, WFDJ concentrates on the perfectly used white space and the simplicity of the two- and three-color cards, but we nerds can revel in the campy goodness of the straight-from-the-comics fonts and the memories of the orchestra’s sharp squeal that accompanied the slides.

Here’s a sampling of some of the batcards. Visit World Famous Design Junkies for the rest!

Thanks to Twitter user @JoshuaFrankel for the tip!

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