If Avengers Were Made In 1952


Ivan Guerrero, the videographer for 1950’s version of The Empire Strikes Back has taken some, or, a rather insane amount of stock footage from a shit ton of old movies and wove together a symphony of destruction known to us THE AVENGERS…in the 1952. Guerrero made this a 2 part piece and compiled it of over 50 different clips. And here’s a nice dose of murder for you, it’s campy kitschy contents contain cameos from Dr. Strange, Peter Parker, and Uatu the Watcher.Klatu, Verata, Nikto. Watch videos after the jump.

These are most of the clips that are in the 1952 Avengers! The videos are after this sweet list.

Man and the Moon, Flash Gordon (Deadline at Noon), The Phantom Planet, Rocketship X-M, Star Trek (The Cage), Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Flying Saucer, Earth vs. the Flying Saucers, The 27th Day, Superboy, The Wasp Woman, Outer Limits (Demon with the Glass Hand, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, The Invisibles, Chameleon, Zzzzzz), Anastasia, Underworld USA, The Amazing Colossal Man, War of the Worlds, The Avengers, Captain America, It Came From Outer Space, Invasion USA, King of the Rocketmen, Zombies of the Stratosphere, Radar Men from the Moon, Die Nibelungen (Siegfried, Kriemhild’s Revenge), The Man with Nine Lives, The Thing from Another World, Dr. Cyclops, The Marvel Superheroes (Hulk), Der grüne Bogenschütze, William Tell, Batman (Shoot a Crooked Arrow), The Eagle, The War of the Colossal Beast, The Gnome Mobile, Thunderball, The Dirty Dozen, Captain Scarlet, Fantastic Four (The Phantom of Film City), Our Man Higgins, Attack of the Puppet People, Land of the Giants (The Clones), Yilmayan Seytan, Tales of Frankenstein, Love Finds Andy Hardy, Das Rheingold, Fireball XL5, Stingray, Airport, Demetrius and the Gladiators

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