Is everyone out there really tired of Michael Cera? Sure his roles are never a stretch, and it feels as though he’s always playing himself but there are plenty of other actors out there that make it doing the exact same thing (Nick Cage, Jesse Eisenberg). That shouldn’t make Cera any less likable. And we certainly aren’t on Cera overload. In fact, the last time Cera had a lead role in
something was back in 2009 with Youth in Revolt. His awkward behavior seems so genuine and that’s what makes him so easy to like.

So although it’s hilarious it is quite surprising to see a fake TV spot edited of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, where Cera is repeatedly getting the crap kicked out of him. The TV spot certainly makes the statement that at least some people out there are bored with Cera. Maybe Michael Cera’s charm is fading and no longer rubbing off on people. Is the wide-eyed, boy next store look out in 2010? Maybe rocking that Jersey Shore blow-out wasn’t such a good idea.

What are your thoughts?

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