Is there a Delorean in your future? There may be if you feel like traveling to California and going back in time to 1985. Why would you do such a thing? For the Back to the Future reunion that’s scheduled for this winter, of course!

Now don’t get super-super-duper hyped up yet – there’s been no mention thus far of Michael J. Fox or Christopher Lloyd attending this 25th anniversary shindig that’s happening Nov. 5-12. However, you can hobnob with actors who played notable characters in the trilogy, like Claudia Wells (the first “Jennifer”), Harry Waters Jr. (“Marvin Berry”) and James Tolkan (“Principal Strickland”).

Want more, still? Nerd out with Drew Struzan (poster designer for BTTF and other awesome movies. He also did covers for Star Wars novels.), Kevin Pike (special effect supervisor) and Bob Gale (writer and producer).

Need still more incentive to go? Proceeds from this special event celebrating the 25th anniversary of the first BTTF film will go to Team Fox for Parkinson’s Research. Remember, Michael J. Fox has Parkinson’s Disease, and he’s been adamant about raising funds for research and finding a cure. Fans and staffers are throwing the anniversary event to honor his cause.

All that, PLUS an opportunity to see the Delorean and twirl at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance? Um, if you have the cash, I’d plan a trip. Stat.

Check out the jam-packed event schedule, list of celebrities and other important info at

Special thanks to my friend @JimBarnthouse for letting me (and the world) know about this via Facebook!

Great Scott!

Great Scott!

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