(Article By Nerdbastards Contributor Rachel Hill)

Despite all of the production mishaps thus far, there is news that tickets will be released some time in September with previews following in November and the play officially opening in December.  Hopefully this isn’t a tease, (we all recall when it was going to open last February)!  Still, it is hard not to get excited.

Sure, most of us have seen Broadway plays before but nothing quite like this.  This is a story that could truly command the stage and one that is inventive enough to bring a new theatrical experience to its viewers.  Another great thing about the Spidey play is that it could bring in a whole new group of theater-goers as well and not just the one’s that buy the soundtracks and sing a long like it’s an episode of Glee.  Visually, the play should be unlike anything previously seen performed before.

Also, something that people may or may not be happy about is that there might be some new villains introduced for our web-throwing friend specifically for the stage.  This will certainly add a new dynamic to the Spider-Man story but if done right, can turn out well.  Overall, this should be a great experience, so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it happens!

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