Rob Liefield Tweets About Deadpool Movie


The only good thing that most would say that came out of the Wolverine movie was that we would see a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Now, with all the Green Lantern stuff going around and taking up Reynolds time, the chance for a Deadpool flick seems to lessen and Rob Liefield, one of the creators of Deadpool, seems to think so as well. It all started with a tweet Liefield saying how WB doesn’t want Reynolds to play as Deadpool anymore. After that, he tweets how FOX needs to do something before it’s too late since WB does have plans to film GL sequels back to back if the first film does well.

Is it safe to say that we may never get that Reynolds/Deadpool film? As much as I want it to happen, I’m sure WB will try to pull something from their ass to prevent it anyway. What do y’all think? You think the Deadpool film is “dead in the water” or is there some slim chance of it still happening? If it does happen with a different actor, who do you think should play as Deadpool then? Tell us what you think.

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