Here’s something you only ever see at cons (rarely)– a lightsaber battle between , Indiana Jones and Darth Vader. However, in this case the face-to-face meeting was part of the “The Last Tour to Endor” event at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for fans attending this week’s Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, Florida.

Walt Disney Creative Entertainment created the special show, which featured Star Wars characters like Darth Vader making one-night-only appearances in the park’s “Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular” live show.

Darth Vader vs. Indiana Jones. And I missed it. Might be good though, I may have spontaneously combusted.

We heard that many people recorded this event, but after hours of searching the interwebs we could not find one video. If anyone can locate one we will gladly compensate you with a hefty high five and chocolate cake (the cake is a lie). Please help us locate a video. We have no idea how this battle ended. We must know the answer to the ageless question of “Who Would Win in a Fight: Darth Vader or Indiana Jones”.

source: Disneyparksblog

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