Isaiah Mustafa, best known as the of Old Spice guy (or rather the guy all other guys should smell like) is rather interested in playing the role of Marvel‘s “Hero For Hire” Luke Cage, Power Man.

Last month on G4 he had this to say:

“I will say this…please, get this thing going. I want to be Luke Cage, OK ! I want to be Luke Cage! You have no idea, I mean really, yes. I made a dream board of it and put my face on the comic. I said I want to be Luke Cage one day.”

Since then his determination has been vigilant. To the extent that he has started a  Facebook campaign and hired some photographer/photoshop geeks turn him into the character to prove what a good choice he is for the role (pictured above).

Ok, I could see this guy as Luke Cage. He’s dreamy (what? Can’t a straight guy comment on another mans sexiness?), has the physique as well as great presence.

Can he act well enough to carry  a film ? Who knows. But he looks the part and has a fan following based entirely on a series of deodorant commercials.

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