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We open our episode with Eric in panic after killing Talbot, the King’s lover. Also we get a great fade into the intro through the wide opened mouth of a screaming vamp bartender. The king, covered in Talbot goo finally shows us some emotion and seems to make the connection that Eric has sought vengeance on him for killing his family.

We get a very sexy and bloody shower scene with Bill and Sookie. Sookie finally confronts Bill about his secret file on her. Bill admits he is just trying to find out what Sookie really is. We also see the relationship between Lafayette and his lover progressing. Jason really mans up and defends his girl Crystal when her ex tries to take her from him; And of course give us a classic Jason quote ”Dude I got the gun. Shut the fuck up”. Crystal tricks her fiancé into believing that Jason kidnapped her; However, we cannot help but think that she is trying to dupe Jason as well. We see this come to fruition when Crystal poorly ties up her fiancé to a tree and sets up the on duty officer when Jason calls in the “distress call”.

We also get a glimpse into how the vampire legal system works when Eric must give a statement about the last whereabouts of the Majestor. Not only is Eric a vampire but a rat as well. He tells all on King Russell and his diabolic plans to go
against the authority. When asked of his fate Eric is told by Nan, “Some do believe in a fair hearing, Americans”. Sam’s brother, Tommy continues to be a troublemaker by causing ruckus and keeping the neighbors up and leaving Sam to have to deal with it.

We finally find out that Holly, the new girl at Merlott’s is a rape survivor. We find this out when Tara goes to a crisis group to seek solace from her horrible thoughts of Franklin. It turns out that not only is Holly great for Tara but for Arlene
too by allowing her to confide in her about her “evil” baby that she’s bringing into the world.

We find out Sookie’s cousin Hadley has a son. Hadley admits to telling Sophie Anne all about Sookie and her powers. Turns out Hadley’s son Hunter has some of the same powers that Sookie possesses. There is also an article in Sookie’s scrapbook about Earl a past relative who believes in sixth sense ability in their family. So how far back do these superpowers go? Bill has a run in with and tries to attack Sookie’s…Fairy Godmother? She believes that Bill is bad for Sookie and is going to steal her light.

Hoyt and Jessica get into a heated argument at Merlott’s when he brings his new girl Summer around. And of course, Jessica cannot resist bringing out the fangs. It turns out Hoyt is still in love with Jessica and Jessica is still having trouble figuring
out how to love Hoyt.

Eric’s testimony is erased and the taping “never happened” according to Nan and the Authority. They are going to let him kill Russell. We also get a rare chance to see Sam, “Bonton’s resident good guy” kick some serious butt when Crystal’s Dad
tries to take her from Merlott’s. That girl sure does cause a lot of trouble. Just when it looked like there was no room left in this jam packed episode, wait…Franklin’s alive?! Things looked pretty bleak for Tara but Jason Stackhouse comes a long to
save the day.

Finally, in one of the most epic and powerful scenes yet we see King Russell literally rip out someone’s spine on live television and wage war against the American Vampire League in a quite dictatorial fashion. He has a lot to say about mankind and it’s way of life “ We are nothing like you. We are immortal”, he tells us. Looks like we have a little vampire Hitler on our hands folks. This episode served up lots of action with just a side of blood this time. I give it a 9/10 for there never being
a dull moment!

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