Here we are once again on a Tuesday and like always, NerdBastards got you covered with the weekly DVD Tuesday. As always, we list out what was released and recommend if it’s either a BUY, RENT, or PASS. We also got the Old is New and a pretty good TV Show DVD section. No Anime Pick or LOL/WTF Release this week (Sorry Anime fans, not going to recommend the Haruhi season 2 set). So what are you waiting for? Check after the jump to see what came out and see if there is anything you want.


The Good, The Bad, The Weird


Set in the 1930s Manchurian desert where lawlessness rules and many different ethnic groups clash, three Korean men fatefully meet each other on a train. The train’s diverse passengers and imminent danger with guns and knives everywhere serves as a microcosm of the turbulent times. Do-won is a bounty hunter who tracks down any criminals with rewards on their heads. Chang-yi is the leader of a group of tough-as-nails bandits. He cannot stand to be the second best. Tae-goo is a train robber with nine lives. The three strangers engage in a chase across Manchuria to take possession of a map Tae-goo discovers while robbing the train. Also on the hunt for the mysterious map are the Japanese army and Asian bandits. In this unpredictable, escalating battle for the map, who will stand in the end as the winner?

Starring: Byung-hun LeeKang-ho Song, and Woo-sung Jung.
Directed by Kim Ji-woon (A Tale of Two Sisters, A Bittersweet Life)

Want some fun action film with some decent comedy? Than this film is here to help you waste two hours in a good way. The film has met with mostly positive reviews but with only a English subtitle option on the DVD, I can only give it a RENT since I know there are a good amount of you who hates to read subtitles. Of course, you could just learn Korean and wouldn’t have to worry about reading those “oh so pesky” subtitles.

Available: Blu-Ray, DVD

Cemetery Junction


In 1970s England, three friends spend their days joking, drinking, fighting and chasing girls. Freddie wants to leave their working-class world but cool, charismatic Bruce and lovable loser Snork are happy with life the way it is. When Freddie gets a new job as a door-to-door salesman and bumps into his old school sweetheart Julie, the gang are forced to make choices that will change their lives forever.

Starring: Ricky Gervais, Ralph Fiennes, Emily Watson, and Felicity Jones.
Directed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant

Now to balance all that action but still keep the decent comedy is this British coming of age story. It’s one of those films where we get to see the some what serious side of a comedian, in which this film shows that side of Ricky Gervais. The film is about 90 minutes long, which is about the right amount of time for it and hell, you could almost pull this off as a date movie for those lucky nerds who has a significant other.

Available: Blu-Ray, DVD

Old Movies Are New Again: This is a list of old films being re-released as Blu-Ray that were worth mentioning.


DOA: Dead or Alive

TV Show DVD Worth Checking Out

Dexter: The Fourth Season


The Showtime Original Series DEXTER™ is back with an all-new season, and this time America’s favorite serial killer has gone from freewheeling bachelor to responsible husband and doting dad. Maintaining an average-guy facade while satisfying his need to kill has never been easy. But now, with wife and kids in tow, Dexter’s got more to lose then ever, as he gets drawn into a deadly game with a killer every bit as dangerous — and conflicted — as he is.

Available: 3 Disk Blu-Ray Set, 4 Disk DVD Set

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – Season One Part One

bmtbatbThe Dark Knight teams up with crime-fighting friends Green Arrow, Aquaman, Blue Beetle, Plastic Man, Bronze Tiger, Wildcat, Deadman, The Atom and Red Tornado to clean up the streets and defeat a formidable array of super-villains in this 13 episode collection

Available: 2 Disk DVD Set

Wolverine and the X-Men: Final Crisis Trilogy


The Battle for the Future Ends in a Shattering 3-Part Finale. It’s time to save the world from Xavier’s catastrophic future in “Volume 6: Final Crisis Trilogy,” as Wolverine and the X-Men stop at nothing to prevent the world’s end in this epic first season finale. The shadowy Inner Circle has captured Jean Grey in order to possess the dangerous Phoenix inside her, while Magneto uses Mystique, disguised as Senator Kelly, to launch the Sentinels on Genosha. After discovering the truth about the Circle’s plan, Emma Frost realizes she alone must try to harness the Phoenix force and save Jean before it’s too late. Meanwhile in the future, Xavier unwillingly helps Master Mold track down every mutant on the planet…for execution. Only Wolverine can stop both Magneto and the Inner Circle, preventing the devastating future Xavier has foretold. Get ready for the ultimate battle in these three game-changing episodes. Who will succeed? The battle for the future has arrived.

Available: DVD

Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends: Season Four

rabafs4Join Rocky and his best friend Bullwinkle as they fight off the scheming villains Boris and Natasha commanded by Mr. Bigs. This collection includes all 19 episodes of Season 4.

Available: 2 Disk DVD Set

Do I need to say why I’m recommending Dexter? With season 5 set to air next month on the 26th, this gives fans just enough time to marathon all four season of the show or you could just watch season 4 just to be up to date.

The next two sets is something for you parents to have your kids to watch…or be like me and watch it for your own enjoyment. Batman: The Brave and the Bold is a surprising awesome show in which each episode has the dark knight stuck with another superhero facing off a villain. Best of all, it has Plastic Man and that’s reason enough to watch the show. While Wolverine and the X-Men is no X-Men: The Animated Series, it’s not that bad of the show either and is an easy way to waste an hour and hey, you get to see an animated Emma Frost…you know, if you’re into animated chicks.

As for the fourth set, well, I hope it’s something you like because who doesn’t like Rocky and Bullwinkle. Okay, I’m sure there are some folks out there who doesn’t but hey, these cartoon’s are not that bad. Remember, there is no live action Rocky and Bullwinkle movie and only the cartoons exist.

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