For me, I remember Final Fantasy VI (some of you may remember it as Final Fantasy III when it was first release in US) for two things. First being that Kefka, who was nothing but an evil bastard that just wanted nothing but pure destruction and laugh about it. The second thing about FFVI is the memorable opera scene. While it may have been long, it was just awesome to see how a game from the SNES era was able to do something so elegant and powerful.

Eliot Hagen of Elder-Geek has given the Dream Oath opera a HD lift to the graphics and replace the sound with an actual opera bit from a Final Fantasy sound track. Out of love for the scene and some great editing skills, Hagen has created an awesome 10 minute video that is sure to make any FFVI fan smile. I ask you, please take the time to watch this video because it damn well deserves all the views it can get.

Source: GeekOSystem

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