Are you a Final Fantasy nut? Got a quarter of a million dollars you can blow off? Well, it may be your lucky day as some one has this rare crystal orb, with the words Final Fantasy engraved in it, up on ebay for someone to buy. Felixollie was one of 50 Nintendo Power readers to win this back in 1990 and now plans to sell it. The orb is in good condition and you do get the certificate and the magazine that had the contest on it. But, is this little 1.8 lbs orb worth the $250,000?

I probably say no. Sure, only 50 were made but this is just ridiculous. So far, no one has been stupid enough, oops I mean, no “ultimate fan” has bid on the orb yet. The bid is up till 8/22th so maybe, just maybe some one may bid on it. What do you guys think? Think the $250,000 is the right price point for the crystal ball? Or is this over priced and felixollie is out of his mind?

Source: Technabob, ebay Page

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