Remember HALKa? Well, Here’s Your Friendly Neighborhood MakraMan!


So last week, we got this awesome parody trailer of HALKa, which was a Bangladesh parody of The Incredible Hulk. Being the person that I am, I of course loved it, so finding out that the same folks also did a parody trailer of Spider-Man, I started to giggle like the fat bastard that I am as I thought about the trailer. Well after seeing the trailer, I liked it. While it may be older than the HALKa trailer, you still see all the WTF goodness in the MakraMan trailer. Once again, the trailer has some “awesome” graphics and the sound effects they used, while made no sense at times, did make me laugh. So check the trailer out as it’s only about 2 and half minute long and experience MakraMan yourself.

Source: Comics Alliance

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