We hate stereotyping, but honestly, most of us nerds are out of shape (except for maybe our thumbs, what with all the button-mashing they do). Is there anything that appeals to our sci-fi love AND will help us gain greater flexibility? It’s not *real* exercise, is it?

No. There is another.

Star Wars Yoga is the brainchild of Matthew Latkiewicz, a McSweeney’s columnist and fan of the holy (original) trilogy. Latkiewicz took photos of himself doing yoga poses that resemble things from the famous George Lucas myth — TIE fighters, speeder bikes and Wookiees, among them — and used those for a fake marketing proposal for Lucas himself. You can see the “exchange” of emails and ideas on Latkiewicz’s site.

Honestly, it looks like these could easily substitute for any boring yoga poses you may (or probably not) already be doing. Tell you what: try out some Star Wars Yoga poses, take pics of yourself doing so (fully clothed, please!), and send them to us. Maybe we’ll do a follow-up show-and-tell post with the best ones.

It’s a bit of old news (his blog posts about Star Wars Yoga are from 2009), but it’s been making the bored-at-work social media rounds again, so it deserves a fresh mention. Check out a few poses below, and then head to Latkiewicz’s site for the rest.

Source: You Will Not Believe, via Geekologie

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