FYI: Article starts with loosely related Jusitn Bieber rant.

I’m sorry but if you like Justin Bieber then you’re an asshole. I hate him and you should too. Not just because it’s the culturally thing to do, but because he’s a gay little-boy, studio whore. His factory made music and music like his is the reason we can’t have nice things on the radio. Oi, sorry I had to get that out. Slow him down 800 percent however, and maybe, just maybe his music won’t sound like audio diarrhea. In fact, if your into some of that ‘Pure Moods’ shit it might be just the thing to light a candle to when you break out the tissues and a bottle of Astroglide for those special alone times. What am I talking about? I’m referring to when the Internet went crazy over Justin Bieber’s anthem “U Smile” slowed down 800 percent. It was creepy cool, but we didn’t write about it because it wasn’t nerdy enough to acknowledge. But take classic Sci-Fi themes and slow them down in the same manner, and we have nerdy material worth posting.

The masterful minds at i09.com took the effect to the tunes of Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, Buffy, Star Trek, Star Wars and more. As i09 says: “The overall effect of these slowed-down classics is one of spookiness — but they might also recharge your “sense of wonder.” We couldn’t agree more. Ominous, and foreboding, but totally awesome. A neat technique that will elevate your nerdiness in a beyond weird spiritual level. And, that’s without the use of mind altering substances.

Slowed down science fiction classics (from io9.com) by charliejane2

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