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So your favorite superhero has personal demons, they drink or don’t know when yo separate his or her identify from their real life. Everyone knows that these childhood icons helped shape their lives, right? It’s all just a part of character, created by those who had an idea. It’s what makes them noticebale and relatable, it made them who they are today. Well, psychologist Sharon Lamb (douche) believes that todays superheroes are sending the wrong message to young children.

“There is a big difference in the movie superhero of today and the comic book superhero of yesterday… Today’s superhero is too much like an action hero who participates in non-stop violence; he’s aggressive, sarcastic and rarely speaks to the virtue of doing good for humanity. When not in superhero costume, these men, like Ironman[sic], exploit women, flaunt bling and convey their manhood with high-powered guns.”

The comic book heroes of the past did fight criminals, she said, “but these were heroes boys could look up to and learn from because outside of their costumes, they were real people with real problems and many vulnerabilities,” she said.”

Have the superheros of today truly changed for the worse, warping the minds of the innocent? The answer is simple “Hell No!” They had to change and adapt to the ever changing state of society. Every hero today has had some sort of real life issue that’s been dealt with in comics and film. From Tony Stark’s addiction to fame in film (and booze in the comics) to Reed Richard’s own marital issues. Bruce Banner had to deal with an abusive, manipulative father in Brian Banner( worst father ever). Superheros were given real life problems for a reason, to show even the men of steel or super intelligence are people too.

This Psychologist needs to rethink her stance on these heros. Being part of the mainstream media means needing to change. Yet, they (the writers) keep the problems alive to teach new, young generation the ways of right and wrong. For every kid that picks up a comic or watches a film, sure they may have up the action content a bit, but some things never change. Having a child not only being entertained by what they see gives them joy that can last a moment. Teaching a life lesson in the process can stick with them forever.

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