Oh, shit balls. Of all the news we reported from Star Wars Celebration V we  forgot to mention who the winner was of this years  Star Wars Fan Film Awards. For those that don’t know, Star Wars Fan Film Awards is an annual contest put forth by Lucasfilm and Atomfilms to showcase and acknowledge the growing genre of fanfilms made by, for and about fans of the Star Wars saga. The inaugural contest in 2002 was the first time Lucasfilm had officially sanctioned the genre. The contest is limited to short film and/or video parodies, mockumentaries, and documentaries of the Star Wars universe and fan experience. At last weeks Star Wars Celebration V George Lucas, announced his pick for the 2010 Fan Movie contest. The film below, entitled “The Unconscious Sith” is a well-directed depiction of a young boy entering a comic book and moving from panel to panel, gradually becoming a Sith.

Eh, it’s high on the cute scale but an overall disappointment. Much like everything else that’s Lucas approved.

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