Fantastic Four Reboot Casting Rumors


Did you know a Fantastic Four reboot is in the works? Ha!, who am I kidding, of course you did. Comic-book movie news like that would never slip by your radar. The real question is do any of you give a shit? I think it’s fair to say the nerd consensus goes something like this: “But FOX has already tried to make a good F4 movie…and failed….twice. FOX, you’ve tried your best and failed miserably. Lesson is: Never Try”. But, you know Hollywood. If you at first you don’t succeed try one or all of the 3 Rs. Reboot, Remake, Reimagine. While, we all collectively roll our eyes at the idea there is some potentially promising casting news that might tickle your fancy.

Apparently, 20th Century FOX have been pursuing Adrien Brody (Predators) and Amber Heard (Zombieland) as replacements for the parts of Mr. Fantastic and Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman, characters who were previously portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd and Jessica Alba, respectively. Meanwhile, Comic Book Movie tells us that Fox has been looking at Kevin Pennington (90210) to play Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch (previously played by Chris “Captain America” Evans). Oh, if you’re wondering about the THING, it’s said that FOX plans to do away with the prosthetics and have the thing be 100% CGI (No word yet on voice actor). In my opinion I don’t think anyone of these ideas are right. Especially Amber Heard. She’s way to young for the role of Sue Storm. Regardless, if anyone of these rumors are true this would certainly be a huge improvement.

As of right now all this talk is hersay. Seeing how FOX has no plans to start production on the reboot until after X-Men: First Class is completed, these casting possibilities are unlikely to happen. But at least it’s a sign that they are perhaps putting the right foot forward this time.

In an ideal world, if they had a great script, what would be your ideal casting choice for the Fantastic Four?

Here’s our picks


Guy Pierce (Memento) as Mr. fantastic. One of the universes most brilliant minds who struggles to keep balance in his work and family responsibilities. A science geek who has just enough charm and sensitivity to score a hot broad like Sue Storm. Guy Pierce as Mr. Fantastic wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica) as The Invisible Woman. Having played the Cylon 6 on Battlestar Galactica Helfer has proven that a HPOA like her can bring a deep level of maturity and vulnerability. She fits the age range and has the acting chops to bring a sense character to the role. Unlike Jessica Alba who was nothing but eye candy.

Ryan Kwanten (Trueblood) as The Human Torch. On True Blood Ryan plays Jason Stakehouse. A hot head, horny dude who acts before he thinks and always gets yelled at by his wiser sister. Gee, I wonder who that describes.

Domenick Lombardozzi (The Wire) as The Thing. Authentic NYC accent and attitude, plus he definitely has the look. A natural Ben Grimm.

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