Who is this weird looking chick? She has stroke mouth. Like her lips are paralyzed or something. Problem is, even as a child actor she had the same Sylvester Stallone mouth. What will blow you….away even more so? Is the fact that when you were in love with this girl and you were a little kid (At least I was), she was already crazy old but looked like she was 12!! That’s absolute insanity! But who was this girl?? That is the question…oonoAnnabelle Lanyon of Legend‘s resident crazy bitchy jealous fairy/pixie, Oona. As Tink is to Peter Pan, Oona is to Jack. As of about 10 years years ago Annabelle was doing LA stage work, and hasn’t made many more big time films since. Do you know why she hasn’t gotten the curse of the child star? Prepare to have your world blown away!…It’s because her birthday is Oct. 4th 1960!!-Meaning, When she played Oona? She was 25 years old! What with Legend being released in 1985, that unbe-fucken-lievable !!The girl looked like she was 12. MAYBE 13.

She did a lot of work, during the 70’s, but I’m sure Legend was her most prominent role. Now I can call her sexy and smokin’ hot, and I want to do the “Bucking Bronco”  to her, AND I won’t feel like a dirty old man.

And of course, now she can’t get work, because she’s a very odd looking 40 year old. But it doesn’t matter, she is EPIC.

Annabelle, We speak you name.

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