How to Build Your Own Batarang


We at nerdbastards don’t advocate throwing sharp objects at people. Really, it never ends well. But, it’s a different story when a piece of pointy death is actually a DIY nerd craft that is made of safe mostly safe plexiglass.  An craftsman named spookylean has written a how-to guide on making the snap-action Batarangs from Batman: Arkham Asylum (sweet!).

Here’s spookylean’s guide to making Batarangs. A single Batarang cost him $17 and took 10 hours — building them takes a bit of arts and crafts know-how, but the final result is quite handsome.

Now all you need is years of intense martial arts training; a college level education in criminology, chemistry, physics, electronics and engineering, a british butler, a costume and you’re all set to prowl the night.

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