Last we heard of ex-Buffy the Vampire star Nicolas Brandon he was having some troubles with the law. Back on March 17th a drunk Brandon was tasered and arrested for vandalism and taking a swing at police officers.

While we’re still laughing at that incident ole’ Nick hasn’t let the drunken mishap ruin his fading career. He’s actually been hard at work on a web comic entitled “A Very Bad Koala”.

Co-created by Rafael Santiago A Very Bad Koala is about the adventures of two marsupials, Avery and Irving and their encounters and mishaps with all walks of people. (Check out this early description of the comic from the website

The koalas, Avery and Irving, are as far from criminals as they could possibly be. Wrongly accused, they break out of prison together and form an unlikely, co-dependent friendship. Their bizarre adventures will take them to exotic and scary places along the highway in the “out there.” Unintentionally misguided by a hipster shaman gorilla, our heroes will encounter Amazon women elephants, Fleshies (furry animals who wear human costumes), a religious cult of highway-flattened animals, vampire turtles and a large variety of bizarre characters, each more twisted than the last…

The comic seems a little twisted, which could possibly stem from Brendon’s own struggles these past few years . In the end, it’s nice to see the good-humored boy who has helped slay vampires on top once again! From early illustrations this concept looks
inventive and engrossing. Who would have thought the idea of two very bad koalas could seem so good?

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