Pastor Says Twilight is the Anti-Christ (agreed)

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“A movie is a sermon with pictures”. He’s back ladies and gentlemen and guess what? Not only is Avatar “Satan”, but Twilight is the “Anti-Christ”. Yes, the super-hip Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll is at it again and this time he’s after the sparkling vampires of the Twilight series. A fundamentalist bashing a book is nothing new, it’s been down since well before any of us was born. Really, the more well-versed in narrative device and metaphor you become, the more a strictly literal interpretation of the bible starts to seem like a less-good idea. Now it’s time to branch out, expand the “message” if you will. Over the course of this ten minute video Pastor Driscoll (I love his shirt) explains that “Satan can write” and mixing jokes with his preaching ways might change a person’s insights on what they should be reading.

Don’t get me wrong, the guy is about as funny as amateur night at a comedy club,  but he throws a good zinger in or two. Particularly when referencing the teen wet dreams that are Edward, Bella, and Jacob as “the beast, the false prophet, and Anti-Christ.” (print those shirts now: Team Anti-Christ). While his “ranting” contains humor in which solidify his statement, he does have some valid points. For one, as a crazy individual, dead people don’t talk.

That means you’re consulting with dead people!. It’s about sorcery, witchcraft, divination, wicca…dead people! You know what? Dead people don’t talk to you!”

Oh snap!, looks like we have a genius on our hands folks. Seriously, dead people talking, that’s ridiculous. Duh, only living people,  snakes and burning bushes do.

Using the dead as a walking billboard to hell must be having it’s effect though. With all the Twilight merchandise flying off the shelves every month, it looks like a lot of people are following the path of the “Anti-Christ”. Start burning those books and those shirts now and maybe you’ll save yourself from a very hot, very sparkly future.

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