“I’m a fairy? How fucking lame is that?,” exclaims Sookie as we begin our episode. It’s cool that the show addresses how un-cool being a fairy is on the supernatural scale…because it is. Sookie is not only sexy but witty too. Seeing her sassy ways really develop into one funny Southern Belle has been great! So it turns the reason that Fairies are so terrified of Vamps is because “Supernatural’s all believe that they were all wiped out by vampires”, exclaims Bill. It turns that abundance of Sookie’s blood that Bill had is the cause of Bill’s meeting up with Sookie’s Fairy Godmother. Bill and Sookie discuss their love and how although its origins are not pure, that it has grown into something very pure and that he loves

We also find out Fairy blood is like a drug for Vamps. We discover that Eric knows what Sookie is. Her blood can allow you to walk in the sunlight. Sophie-Anne sent Bill to find Sookie, all of which is discussed in a great scene with Bill, Eric and Sookie outside of Jason’s home consisting of so much tension you could cut it with a vampire fang!

Jason begins thinking a lot about coming clean about the murder Eggs after killing Franklin. For Jason we see that killing Franklin is a reminder of his terrible secret killing of Eggs as well as his gay vampire captive from the first season. He finally reveals this to both Sookie and Tara. Clearly Sookie took the news a little better.

Alcohol must heal all wounds, both emotional and physical; at least it does for Sam Merlotte. He has flashbacks part of his life he’d rather forget, when he was a thief. It is how he has come to own his bar and we discover where Sam’s violent
streak stems from. Sam isn’t such a “do-gooder” after all. It turns that Sam has KILLED SOMEONE!!! Wait..two people! WTF Sam?!

Sookie has some decisions to make when found out hanging around Bill once again when Tara gives her an ultimatum. So, who’s it gonna be Sookie… Tara…Bill…Tara…Bill? Bill makes sure Jason is ready to defend Sookie against werewolves. So we find out that Jason isn’t just good at sex but protecting people as well? He is busy guarding both Sookie and Tara. However, maybe he is just good at sex since Sookie ends up sneaking off. Good job Jason.

Lafayette and Jesús talk about doing V together and finally we get another V scene. There hasn’t been an epic one since Jason and his girl did it together back in Season one. Lafayette’s house looks like a fucking Crayola Factory…the COLORS! It feels like we’re on the Beatles “Magical Mystery tour”, where nothing makes sense.

Another great part in this episode, which portrays the shows ability to poke fun at itself when the news reporter states, “Russell’s home was as empty as a tomb.” There is also it’s social an political commentary when Jessica’s spots a burning cross and a hateful message spray painted on Bill’s home in response to Russell’s actions on the news broadcast. Another great part is when we encounter Eric setting up his final will and testament, leaving everything to Pam. Not only is the scene funny, in a dark kind of way but also we have never seen Eric seem so much like a human.

Sam is given a potion concocted by Holly the new Merlotte’s employee/ resident Wiccan. Arlene tells Terry the truth about Rene’s baby! Terry is understanding or a fool depending on how you look at it and says that he still wants to raise the baby with her. Arlene goes to Holly and asks her other ways to rid herself of the baby besides an abortion.

Russell makes his appearance toward the end of the episode and is consumed w/ Talbots death and stakes a lover he had hired for the night to recreateTalbot’s death and say goodbye properly.

Sookie has a dream about Eric and goes to see him. Pam suggests handing over Sookie to Russell. Eric chains up Sookie, showing that once again we NEVER fully understand someone in this show!

In the end, we get a ton of revelations …Jason reveals about his part in the murder of Eggs, it is revealed what Sookie is and also that Crystal is…a Panther?

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