One may think that creative genius Christopher Nolan would find no validity in the works of Michael Bay however, recently it’s been brought to our attention that Nolan enjoys Bay’s films.  What we learn here is that no matter what, people are going like what they want to like.  Maybe Nolan finds it his inherit duty as man to watch stuff blow the fuck up while the cool guys in the movies never look back at it.

Over time it is apparent that men are simple creatures.  They like beer, pretty girls and things blowing to pieces.  Now this is not putting them down by any means, in fact, women are too damn complex and cannot begin to understand the joy of things exploding.  But let’s put it this way, the way a woman grins from ear to ear when she sees a pair of diamond earrings, a man feels the same way when several army tankers are blown to smithereens for no good reason at all!

To be fair, Michael Bay has not always disappointed (Bad Boys, The Rock).  So how can we not have some sympathy for  Nolan and his crappy artistic taste.  As longs as he continues to give us gold, who cares?

Source: GeekTyrant

Check out some of Bay’s epic explosions:

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