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Was your mind blown seeing the likes of Zoidberg and Professor Farnsworth in bed together on Futurama last week (spoiler)? Well no worries, it was just Fry and Leela in their bodies the whole time (like Freak Friday, just not as horrible). For those that didn’t catch the episode, the whole crew was effected and a little machine was to blame for the switcharoo. The machine, however  couldn’t  switch the same mind and body twice, so they had to figure out a way to rotate minds with other characters until everyone had their own mind back. Naturally it was science that came to the rescue to solve the mystery and place everyone back into their rightful bodies. Yet isn’t this impossible to be actually done? Thank to Futurama writer Ken Keeler, this theorem was not only created, it was proven!


Ken Keeler, PhD in mathematics, ended up writing and proving an entirely new theorem (and what have you done lately, huh?) based withing the group theory. A full explanation of the theorem can be found here

After taking a small look at the theorem and actually writing in down, I still for the life of me, can’t figure it the hell out (30 minutes wasted). Did this really need to be done for the sake of the episodes plot? Well, no. They could have just put gibberish and left it alone. That’s not how these writers of Futurama roll. It does, however deserve some kind of reward for what lengths some people go to for something they love doing. Hey, maybe they’ll give him an executive position with the FOX network for this fantastic nerd act of nerd Valor. They can at least give the man a little extra in his paycheck for the extra work.

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