If you don’t know who this lady is (to be honest, I didn’t know who she was either), Laren Shuler Donner was the producer for the four X-Men movie and will also be one for the up coming X-Men: First Class film. Apperently she specializes in the mainstream youth so all that kiddy fun stuff that happen in the Wolverine film (you know, The Blob fight), maybe she had a part on that. So why are we talking about her you ask? Well, she was interviewed and said some things about four projects.

For X-Men: First Class, she thinks Matthew Vaughn will be bringing the characters to life with his style and that the X-Men is Marvel, in which there are many stories to tell. She went on to say that they will only use CGI effect when they have to. She mentioned that Wolverine 2 will be when Wolverine was in Japan and will closely follow the comics. As for Deadpool, she says that Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool and that hopefully the project starts going next year. Lastly, she says how there is a lot of history in the Magneto character but it seems that discussion for the film has stopped.

There you have it folks, did anything that Donner say peak your interest or do you not care since this is FOX and they will find some way to screw it all up? Tell us what you think by leaving a comment after the jump.

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