OMIGOD: Nutjob Talks About Elves


Holy crap, what is this guy on and where can we get it? Seriously, I’ve come across some really cooky sons of bitches in my day but this guy takes the cake. This crazy asshole (god love him) records himself in front of a swampy type forest and proceeds to not only try to convince us that Elves are real, but teaches us how we can attract them with fruit and chopsticks. If you think this guy isn’t being serious may we point out that yes indeed he is. He and his ilk are the same cucko fucks that have Seeing and Sensing Gnomes..Hey Looky Hea’d: A Direct Approach to Seeing the Gnomes, Elves, Leprechauns and Fairies Around You and Learning How to Sense Their Presence and Influence in Your Life (I’m serious, that’s the book title) on top of their toilet. Eh, who knows, perhaps this guy is telling the truth. If that’s the case then who dropped the pixie dust and told him all their secrets? Is nothing sacred? Seriously, the Keibler elves are gonna be mighty pissed if their recipe for cookies and other delicious treats end up in the hands of the Smurfs or any other woodland creature with a penchant for commercialism.

Hit the video below for 8 minutes of this guy trippin balls. You may think 8 minutes is too long to invest, but once you hit play you’ll realize that it’s not nearly enough.

source: geekologie

Category: WTF?