Even George Romero couldn’t fathom this happening in his wildest dreams! Seven people in Minnesota were arrested for walking out and about dressed as zombies. And like Romero they set out to send a message. Just as Romero attempted to tackle race relations in Night of the Living Dead, these people mindlessly ventured through the streets to represent that we are  a culture of mindless consumers.  Since these members of the un-dead we’re unjustly imprisoned they will be receiving the sum of $165,000 . But what’s worse really, having your limbs detaching and oozing well…I don’t know what or buying the new iphone? If zombies do take over one day which will have a greater impact on destroying the world? Just like Columbus had rules for his Zombieland here are some simple rules to follow to be safe from these new Anti-Consumer Culture Zombies.

1. Hide your iPads!

2. Smear dirt on your sneakers to disguise the fact that they’re new

3. Instantly rid your web browser of any shopping websites

4.If spotted hide in the nearest GAP window and pretend to be a mannequin

5.Rid yourself of anything barring designer labels!

6.Take the bus and hide your Hummers!

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