Star Wars Light

So for the first time in our lives we got ourselves a fan made Star Wars film that doesn’t make us cringe in terror! Star Wars: A Light In The Dark is what we would get if they made Star Wars The Next Generation. This is part 1 of hopefully an even longer part 2, the only thing I can relate it to keeping in “Canon” of the real Star Wars universe is The Force Unleashed that was released for Xbox and PS3. The effects, the props, even the CG among the towns and forests is top fuck capital!!! The story is fantastic, and I can’t wait to see part 2.

Orlando, FL, creators PJ Tamayo and Fed Wetherbee saw this as their catalyst. A Star Wars fan film was the perfect project to put their talents to work as well as challenge them to go beyond their comfort zone. PJ Tamayo and Fed Wetherbee met several years ago in an MMA class. After punching and kicking each other for several weeks they started talking and discovered they had similar careers and aspirations. They had been looking for a project to work on together and began working on A Light in the Darkness in early 2010. Meeting the deadline of the Fan Movie Challenge was daunting, but they were able to finish principle photography and editing in time to release a trailer. A Light in the Darkness’ trailer was a finalist in the 2010 Fan Movie Challenge on

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