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Wolverine has been in plenty of bare knuckle, drag out, all or nothing fights over his 36 year existence. Marvel releasing a first issue preview of “Wolverine: The Best There Is”, out this December, this could be his hardest fight yet. From the minds of Charlie Huston and Juan Jose Ryp, it features a clash that more than qualifies as a school yard brawl. This small, preview leaves a lot to the viewers imagination however, mainly due to many of the panels being blacked out with “Too Violent To Show” pasted across them. Check out A nice Huge Sample after this Jump.

Looking like a deleted, long lost cilp from Fight Club, you expect this to be some sort of hidden gem. Revealing (to say the least) a fight between Wolverine and a newly developed villian named Contagion, whose undercarriage has more hair then Oscar the Grouch. This is definitely going to be a hot button topic for parents when this goes to print at the end of the year. Bloody borders, conveniently placed mice and what looks to be people betting on which naked man will win the fight (MMA eat your heart out). It’s all marvel’s decision as to what they decide to show on there website but what is “Too Violent To Show”?

Described as “the most violent Wolverine ongoing series you’ll ever lay eyes upon,” faithful Marvel collectors must be salvating to own this and it’s only issues 1. Having almost 2 pages censored, it must be crossing the line well beyond what was once called “unacceptable”(read wanted). This could however, be a stepping stone into new, lucrative territory. Wolverine is part of a series that has had everything done to him. From getting his adamantium pulled through his pores to taking a double barrel shotgun to the “little berserker rage”, he’s felt it all. Punisher: MAX must have nothing on this or else we’re looking at a possible media firestorm. Let’s hope the Canuklehead’s true weakness isn’t motherly watchdog groups and overprotective parents.



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