Bruce Campbell Vs. Frankenstein

15021102The fine folks at GeekTyrant point us to an interview MTV did with candidate for nerd god Bruce Campbell, and the conversation turned to his planned sequel to “My Name is Bruce,” “Bruce Vs. Frankenstein.”

Campbell had planned to work on it during his break from “Burn Notice,” but since he ended up doing a series-related TV movie, it’ll have to wait till the next break.

We were hoping to do it during the middle of this break in my ‘Burn Notice’ TV schedule but I’m making a ‘Burn Notice’ TV movie instead about my character. It’s a prequel movie about how Sam Axe got stuck in Miami. So we had to push [‘Bruce Vs. Frankenstein.’] Hopefully we’ll do it during the next break.

But you know what? Totally worth it. He describes his vision for the movie as “the [It’s a] ‘Mad, Mad, Mad World’ of horror movies.” Every horror icon gets a shot. Plus, you know, Bruce is in it, so like, how could this not be really cool?

It will be like “Jason Vs. Freddy,” except not as disappointing.

(via GeekTyrant)

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