Huh, for a moment there I almost forgot about the oozing suck that was the final episode of LOST. While, some may look upon the spiritual finale as a beautiful pitch perfect ending, I am not one of those people. I invested six years of my life to this show and all I got was this lousy afterlife! Oi, I’ll have to save my rant for when I am drunk and feeling particularly vengeful. Instead lets address the whole flashsideways story arc of the final season. Sideways not being a flashback, flash-forward or an alternate timeline. More of a what would have happened if Oceanic flight 815 didn’t crash on the island but instead landed in Los Angeles. Of course, it was a little more complicated than that. And, like everything else on LOST it’s meaning wasn’t clear. Rather than just debating what WE think, let’s hear Matthew Fox’s opinion.

Here’s what Fox had to say during Newsweek’s Emmy roundtable:

“There are certain religious beliefs, spiritual ideas, that when you die, you have to remember your own death in the moment of your death, you have to remember all the people that brought you to that, all the people that were most important to you, bringing you to that moment. And essentially that’s what the entire Sideways was, I believe, in the sixth season. The moment that Jack was dying he was being reunited with all the people that had brought him to his death so he could move on to whatever was next. I thought it was pretty beautiful. Very spiritual. I’m not necessarily a religious person.

Well, that certainly settles that then. Now if someone will kindly explain, Who built the four toed statue and what does it mean? What’s up with the hieroglyphics in the temples? Why can’t women on the island have babies? If the smoke monster can’t leave the island, then how did he appear as Jacks dad in the hospital in L.A.?  What was up with the frozen wheel? Why don’t the rules of time travel apply to Desmond? Why did those returning to the island have to recreate  the circumstances of their first arrival? What was up with the magic light house? What is the nature of the light? Why weren’t Micheal, Walt, Lapidus or any of the other characters at the church? FUCK!

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