Joss Whedon Discusses The Avengers

Avenger Group shot

The awesome and lovable (yes, I am not afraid to say it) Joss Whedon was recently interviewed about the upcoming The Avengers film. He begins by saying that he knows that the movie he is working on is huge and how he has many ideas for the film but will only use the ones that will fit the characters the best. He also went on to talk about how working under certain restrictions has made him to be creative and see what entertaining things he can do with the film. He was then asked on how he feels about the project and what if the project was canceled:

“I have always felt, my whole life, that everything could be taken away at any second. It has actually been a huge problem for me that I know that. I certainly will do everything in my power not to have that happen, everything in my power to make it good. That’s my power, that’s all I’ve got. All I can do is make it good enough for somebody to see it twice.”

While I had no real doubt or bad vibes about the project, I know some of you do but after reading this, I think it’ll be okay. Seeing how Whedon is in a positive mode about the project, he’ll probably deliver an entertaining movie for us to watch. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment.

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