Usually when gamers get into an online fight, it just becomes a verbal fight fight filled with name calling, profanity, and questioning the other person’s sexuality. It usually ends there but if it does continue, it usually just drags on in the world of internet. Well, here’s one of those cases where the fight continue in the real world. 24 year old Eric LaChappelle (left) drove over to 18 year old Corey Chalich (left) after having a fight while playing some online match on the PS3. LaChappelle was apparently filled with rage as he assaulted Chalich to point where he had to receive hospital treatment. LaChappelle ran off when Chalich grabbed a knife and both men were arrested shortly afterwards.

Have any of you had a huge fight online that you wanted to go over the other persons house and beat them? This is why I turn off the chat function while I play online game. Some people just say things because they know they can get away with it. You know what we need, some button that let’s us punch them in the face through the TV screen (yeah I know, not an original idea).

Source: Kotaku

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