Peter Jackson Says Hobbit’s Moving Along…Kinda


News about the Hobbit is like playing Telephone with 4 down syndrome kids. It is producer and assumed director Peter Jackson talking to The Dominion Post, saying that MGM and Warner Bros. are

“making progress untangling the MGM situation, so we should have certainty with The Hobbit sometime soon.”

So in a nutshell the progress is slowly but surely moving along. The thing is, but whom will take care of all this? Is Jackson gonna be they’re go to guy to answer all their problems? I think that its detrimental to the Hobbit not falling into utter disarray by keeping Jackson attached, problem is, they just can’t dump too much on his plate. He’s thin now, yes, he can eat what the serve, but do you want Peter Jackson to get morbidly obese again?! Do You?! You fucking heartless Nerdbastards!!

Ok, honestly, well I’m right there with you guys! If getting Peter Jackson looking like the incomparable X-Men Origins version of The Blob again just to bang out The Hobbit sooner than later, it has my vote.

Meanwhile, in that same article Jackson also talks a great deal about the film he’d like to make that covers the Battle of Gallipoli. The centennial anniversary of that battle will be in 2015, and Jackson suggests that would be good timing for the film. But first, he’s got Tintin 2, and (we’ll see) The Hobbit

Yeah. That’s the story of our lives. “We’ll see”.

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