Top 10 Best Swordmen In Cinema


Swordplay is a major part of a lot of movies. Anti climactic, final fights or downright dirty army vs. army brawls. But these men are usually lead or inspired by ONE amazing warrior. Or the ONE  amazing warrior has a reason to keep on fighting..This is a list of the most amazing wielders of the blade in movies.

I can’t put these in Order from 1 to 10. So what I’m gonna have to do is keep it has the The Top 10 BEST. Such as ALL of them are the best. But that won’t satisfy you all, I am required to make an actual countdown. So my hand has been moved not by me but of my pain. My pain that I can’t leave well enough alone. and even though some are better or to correct myself…Some may be better to you… I want feedback. Please send me your ideas? Anybody I’m leaving out? And please Highlander nerds, PLEASE don’t tell me Kurgan or McLeod were left out! I implore you! All they did was grunt and bang swords together…Come up with some GOOD ones.

So here are the Top 10 Best Swordsmen! These are the elite, cinematically, proficiently and charismatically.

10) 13th Warrior- Antonio Banderas is hardly an action hero. But his small stature and lightly spoken Arab who was banished from his homeland was a philosopher and a poet..Thrust into the world of vile and massive Vikings! Definitely an odd couple style, the Northmen make fun of him, and his fate is intertwined with theres when a seer made him the 13th in a line of hulking warriors. As soon as he realizes his capabilities with an altered scimitar and camaraderie he didn’t know existed, he becomes a wrecking machine, hacking down the eaters of the dead.

9) Prince Nuada- Hellboy 2 introduced to one of its coolest and most developed character in the movies , the exiled Elvin Prince Nuada. Never trusting the treaty of men, and wanting vengenace for the humiliation his people endured at the hands of Men who forgot the old treaties. Wielding a bbladed spear with gorgeous Elven ruins carved intricately into it, it could shrink to a hand dagger at his will. He was even too much for Hellboy to beat, and when his death came it was not at the hands of Hellboy, but in case you haven’t seen it, I’n not spoiling it. Just watch his training session and you’ll see the shit he can fuck up. HE CAN CUT A DROPLET OF WATER INTO TWO. Yea, that good.

8) Maximus- Russell Crowe in Gladiator back at the beginning of the millennium was one of the first to usher in the CG war as well as choregraphed swordplay that made him a killer swordsman. Just the scene where he whips the sword like a throwing axe into the chest of one of his former friends. In the Arena however, he was a merciless, and vengeful survivor. Teaching his fellow captives how to work as a single unit. Maximus, ultimately got fucked in his final fight by a cheater, but thats why he is one of the best..He still won.

7) Wesley, The Man In Black- What can you say about a man who fights for one thing. True Love. And would have been a total tie with Inigo Montoya had he not bested him in their duel. An amazing left handed fighter, he was an even better fighter RIGHT handed. He had such a nonchalant swashbuckling finesse to hi style. Effortless and ten steps ahead of his enemy. Also to show mercy which was very rare. He would have mych rather shaterred a stain glass window than destroy someone as talented as Inigo..But, since he couldn’t have him follow him either!

6) MadMartigan- Willow’s hustler, and crook who serves no one but himself for greedy purposes. In the end he rallies himself up to do what is right. Telling Willow ” I am the greatest swordsman, who ever lived.” Willow thinks he’s talking smack until the ” You ARE Great!” line Willow delivers in disbelief. Mad Martigan alone in the castle of  Tir Asleen, expect an army to aid him against Kael’s army…So what would the greatest swordsmen who ever lived do? He takes on the army all by himself…AND a 2 headed fire breathing brontosaurus dragon!! AND he fucks shit up. Mad Martigan gets the accolades for taking on an army alone…I had a D&D character who did that before…And MM paved the way for that epic battle- 2,000 Orc’s VS. My character…..(Buyer Beware. This video is the only I could find. Its set to music so watch Mad Martigan FSU. WATCH it on mute)

5) Achilles- They say Brad Pitt spent too much time working on his body than reading this script. He may be a great actor, but this movie, he didn’t add much but insanely great swordplay and action. He and his Myrmidons were elite soldiers. But Achilles was a man who didn’t follow anybodies rules..not even his own..Before dispatching dozens of inept soldiers and an awesome battle with Hector, he cursed himself by murdering priests. It was the first fight in Troy that set Achilles above all the rest.

(Unfortunately, all the scenes I want to use are disabled…This again is set to music..But you just wait and see the Swordplay..)

4 )Count of Monte Christo- When Count Mondego gets into his initial fight with Monte Christo, then Edmond Dantes , he messes him up big time. He is then sent to Chateaus Di’f as a prisoner for years where he is taught to read and write, mathematics and SWORDPLAY by an old man (Richard Harris). When he and Mondego get into their final fight, Dantes does this, no camera trickery, no CG, parry disarmament. Slashing, twirling his blade around Mondego’s ricasso and hilt, and whipping it into the air in one fluid movement. It is so cool, he even catches it before tossing it aside! (8:06 is that scene. For the full Blown quicky duel click here)

3)Aragorn- While the whole trilogy had awesome war scenes, it was the end of Fellowship that had Aragorn taking Frodo’s hand and closing it, ring in his palm, and telling him to hold onto it. Proving the pure intent of his heart. Then he tells Frodo to run. “Run!” As he in Slow Motion walks coolly towards a a small hoard of non-CG Uruk Hai. Where he takes THEM all on by himself. It’snot until he fights the head of the Uruk’s alone after the death of Boromir where he proves his worth as #3 in the the Best Swordsmen list. Lurtz, the head Uruk pulls the dagger from his thigh that Aragorn stabbed him with and whips it at him…Watch the Video and see why Aragorn is Top 3!!                    (Watch it here SUX EMBED DISABLED… 42 seconds, Aragorn Rocks the shit)

2)The Bride-Kill Bill 1 and 2. She meant that shit. After her old boss shoots her in the head while pregnant on her wedding day and put into a coma for years. She wakes up, well needless to say..Al little vengeful. There is one sword fight fight seen that is beyond words. It must be seen to be believed, and if you already have? See it again. I cannot describe, profoundly, how they turned BARELS fill of spraying blood and limbs flying like confetti into artwork..But they did.

1)Darth Maul- The baddest, most proficient, terrifying Sith Ever….In the commercials. Fans were disappointed in his very little screen tie in the movie, but it stood out as the best swordplay/lightsabre dueling out of EVERY Star Wars flick. AND any other movies. The two on one choreography was epically proportioned and never a dull moment during the level to level battle. Yes they hyped up DM the whole year before the release of the film and made it seem like he was a prevalent part of the movie…What’d have? One line and 3 fight scenes? Yes. But WHAT fight scenes they were. Darth Maul Wins hand down as the most proficient and talented swordsmen in cinema.

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